Better Hobart is a fluid collection of multi-disciplined practitioners, professionals and concerned residents who seek to act as a voice and a catalyst for high quality, environmentally  sustainable and people-centred design and town planning in the future growth of our area.

Underpinned by the values in the Gehl Architects Report, we advocate for Hobart to flourish by retaining its unique character,  growing to become a 'clever' compact city that is transit-friendly and less car dependent; where people are connected by healthy, prosperous and inviting neighbourhoods and where excellence in design and living standards is the focus. 

Why? Because we believe that Hobart and our region are special.

We believe that our most important assets are our residents and the quality and uniqueness of our built environment. At a time when the world’s growing economies are rooted in the fields of design, technology, education and services, we believe that a compact, well designed, engaging and authentic townscape is necessary to attract and retain these free-footed drivers of progressive economies.

Up to now, Hobart has avoided some of the worst excesses of poor urban development experienced in other urban centres, but now we face the dismal prospect of developing into a poor carbon copy of other Australian cities.

We believe that local residents should work with the local councils to build upon our unique townscapes by demanding the highest quality in public space, infrastructure and architecture to reflect a city that is not just a collection of individuals, but a thriving and caring inclusive society.  Our city centres and neighbourhoods should be authentic places springing directly from the community where people come to create relationships, be inspired, swap ideas and be engaged.

Our hope is to raise awareness of best practice in intelligent urban design, strategic planning and sustainable development and to act as a trigger for a greater community involvement in the development of the city as a place with people at its heart. To inspire a vision where Hobart is so hurts!

Fundamentally, we believe that Better Hobart should be a forum of engagement. So be a part of Better Hobart. Drop us a line, come to our meetings, join our guiding group and get involved!