The Planning Matters Alliance Tasmania (PMAT) have extended invitations to all members and followers of the Better Hobart group to the official launch of the Planning Matters Alliance Tasmania group at the beautiful Brooke Street Larder on Hobart’s waterfront.

In their words - 

'The PMAT is a growing network of over 40 community groups from across Tasmania, united with a common concern over the weakening of the state’s planning laws. The Tasmanian Planning Scheme is set to come into effect in early 2018 and PMAT is committed to making it better.

The level of collaboration and solidarity emerging within this planning campaign and the groups involved is unprecedented in Tasmania and crosses community group genres.

Epitomised by the conflict over high rise hotels in Hobart, but equally relevant to our towns and backyards, our skylines, our coastlines, our heritage buildings and places and our wild and inspiring landscapes, the scheme will impact all the things we love about Tasmania.

Planning is vitally important to a wide cross section of the Tasmanian community. From a standing start, PMAT has put the issue on the agenda and made it an election issue.

On the 6 July, 2017, PMAT will officially launch its platform statement - an outline of the key principles that we would like to see in Tasmania’s planning System.

Invitees include PMAT members and supporters, all State politicians and their staff, Local Government (Mayors, Alderman, Councillors, General Managers and their staff), the media and interested members of the public.

The launch will be a great opportunity to understand the issue and network with people from around the State who care about planning.'

There will be a cash bar and light food will be provided. Spaces are obviously limited and there is bound to be a high take up given the degree of concerns being raised within the community so please note that if you wish to attend, you should RSVP by Thursday 29 June, 2017.


Essie Davis

Essie is a Tasmanian born actor, well known for her leading role in Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries. She has been a vocal supporter of Hobart protecting itself from high rise hotels, saying ‘don’t let this city become a tasteless mishmash copy of the cities that got it wrong.’

Gerard Castles

Gerard is a Tasmanian business and communications consultant who has written extensively on brand. In the mid-2000’s, he was a member of the Community Leaders Group in the Bacon Government’s Tasmania Together process. Read Gerard’s recent opinion piece: Talking Point: It will tower over our brand power.

MC - Sophie Underwood, Coordinator of the Planning Matters Alliance Tasmania